Township of Readington, New Jersey



 2024 Historic Preservation Commission Members

Name Title Term
Patricia Fisher-Olsen Chair, Class A 12/31/26
Alan Harwick Commission Member, Class C 12/31/24
Erin Brennan Secretary, Class B 12/31/24
James Carden Commission Member, Class C 12/31/25
Steve Nees Commission Member, Class B 12/31/24
Chuck Waters  Commission Member, Class C 12/31/26
Sarah John Commission Member, Class C 12/31/26
Scott Barton 1st Alternate 12/31/25
Marie Almer 2nd Alternate 12/31/24

The Historic Preservation meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m., located at the Municipal Building.

The goal of this commission is intended to effect and accomplish the protection, enhancement and perpetuation of especially noteworthy examples or elements of the Township's environment in order to:

A. Safeguard the heritage of Readington Township by preserving resources within the Township, which reflect elements of its cultural, social, economic and architectural history.

B. Encourage the continued use of historic landmarks and to facilitate their appropriate use.

C. Maintain and develop an appropriate and harmonious setting for the historic and architecturally significant buildings, structures, site objects or districts within Readington Township .

D. Promote appreciation of historic landmarks for education, pleasure and the welfare of the local population.

E. Spur beautification and private reinvestment.

F. Manage change by educating applicants regarding alterations to historic structures or new construction in historic locations or districts.

G. Discourage the unnecessary demolition of historic resources.

H. Recognize the importance of individual historic landmarks located outside historic districts by assisting property owners and tenants in understanding the requirements and standards of this chapter.

I. Encourage the proper maintenance and preservation of historic settings and landscapes.

J. Encourage appropriate alterations of historic landmarks.

K. Enhance the visual and aesthetic character.

L. Promote the conservation of historic sites, including historic farmsteads and districts, and to invite voluntary compliance.


The Historic Preservation shall have the responsibility to:

A. Prepare a survey of historic sites of the Township pursuant to criteria identified in the survey report.

B. Make recommendations to the Planning Board on the historic preservation plan element of the Master Plan and of the implications for preservation of historic sites of any other Master Plan elements.

C. Advise the Planning Board on the inclusion of historic sites in the recommended capital improvement program.

D. Advise the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment on applications for development pursuant to 27-10 of this chapter.

E. Carry out such other advisory, educational and informational functions as well as promote historic preservation in the Township.



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