Township of Readington, New Jersey


Christina Schwartz, Zoning Official


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Zoning Permit: $35.00

A Zoning Permit is required by Chapter 148 of the Municipal Ordinance to verify that all applicable code requirements are met for the first-time erection, enlargement, alteration, moving or changes in use of a structure or a space. Please be aware that all fence and shed installations require a Zoning Permit – a Zoning Permit without a construction permit, is required for fences 6’ and under and installation of any accessory structure (shed or similar) of 200 S.F. or less.

In order to obtain a Zoning Permit, you will be required to submit a fully completed Zoning Permit Application form, a current survey or plot plan of your property showing the proposed work (sketched reasonably to scale), the zoning review fee of $35, along with sufficient information to demonstrate to the Zoning Officer that the proposed work complies with the Township of Readington’s Land Development Ordinance detailed in Chapter 148 Land Development and the Township of Readington Zoning Map.

Upon receipt of a complete Zoning Permit application, the Zoning Officer shall have ten (10) business days to review and render a decision on same. To expediate the zoning review process, please ensure a good daytime telephone number or email address is provided on your Zoning Permit Application Form. A Zoning Permit or letter of denial will be issued to the applicant once the Zoning review is complete and a decision is rendered.

Zoning Certificate of Continual Occupancy: $100

Zoning Certificate of Continual Occupancy (ZCCO)   is required for any change in use or in tenant for an existing non-residential space or building.  For first-time occupancy of a newly constructed non-residential space a Zoning Permit Application is required.

Zoning Complaint Form

The Township of Readington is divided into zoning districts. Please locate the parcel of interest on the Township's Zoning Map to determine the correct zone. Zone specfic requirements can be viewed here.

Click here for a PDF copy of the Township Zoning Map

SRR - Special Resource Residential
AR - Agricultural Residential
RR - Rural Residential
R-1 - Residential One Acre zone
VR/SC4 - Village Residential
HR - Hamlet Residential
PND - Planned Neighborhood Development
PND1 - Planned Neighborhood Development
SC-2 - Senior Citizen 2
B - Business
VC - Village Commercial
VH - Village Hospitality
PO - Professional Office
RO - Research Office
ROM1 - Research Office – Manufacturing
ROM2 - Research Office – Manufacturing

Any uses not expressly permitted in Chapter 148 are prohibited. Variations from requirements in Articles IV, V, and VI in their entirety shall require zoning variance approval by the Board of Adjustment. Variation from other sections of Chapter 148 shall require waiver approval by the Board of Adjustment.

Land Use Ordinance


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