Township of Readington, New Jersey


Mayor Adam Mueller’s Statement
January 2, 2024

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, and fellow residents,

Before I commence, I would like to express my appreciation to Juergen for his dedicated leadership over the past two years as mayor. His commitment to our community has laid a solid foundation, and I am honored to build upon his efforts as we collectively navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

I am before you today with a deep sense of honor and responsibility as your mayor. Our community has always thrived on the strength of its people, and it is with this spirit in mind that I address you on matters of utmost importance for the residents of Readington.

Our township, like many others, faces the challenges of managing limited resources to meet the growing needs of our community. As we embark on this journey together, it is imperative that we prioritize the financial well-being of our town. Effective and prudent budgeting is not merely a bureaucratic exercise; it is the lifeline that sustains our community's growth, development, and prosperity.

In the coming months, this administration will be dedicated to ensuring that every dollar spent aligns with the priorities and values of our community. We will scrutinize expenditures, identify inefficiencies, and explore innovative solutions to do more with less. Our goal is not just to balance the books but to do so in a way that maximizes the benefits to each and every resident.

Fiscal responsibility is not just a buzzword; it's a commitment to safeguarding our town's financial future. We must be diligent custodians of the public purse, and this administration will work tirelessly to instill a culture of fiscal responsibility in every aspect of our operations. We will seek out opportunities for cost savings, explore partnerships and shared services, and leverage technology to streamline processes and improve efficiency.

Equally crucial to our success is addressing our existing debts. While debt may sometimes be a necessary tool for growth, we must be cautious in managing and reducing it responsibly. This administration will develop a comprehensive plan to address our current debts, with a focus on long-term sustainability and financial health.

Furthermore, recognizing the importance of infrastructure in our community, we have already begun the process of creating a Capital Improvement Plan. This plan will outline a roadmap for addressing and enhancing our critical infrastructure needs over the coming years. We will prioritize projects that contribute to the overall well-being and quality of life for our residents, such as roads, police, emergency services, and community facilities. Our residents’ input will be invaluable as we shape this plan to ensure that it aligns with needs of the community.

In addition to these challenges, we must continue to address the state-mandated affordable housing requirements that are significantly impacting our community. While we understand the importance of providing affordable housing options for our residents, the current mandates place a significant strain on our local resources and environment. This administration is committed to advocating for a fair and realistic approach to these mandates, working collaboratively with state officials and authorities to find solutions that meet the needs of our community without jeopardizing our financial stability or changing the rural character of our community. We will continue to engage in constructive dialogue, exploring innovative strategies to fulfill our obligations while preserving the unique character of our township.

But our journey is not one that I, or any elected official, can undertake alone. It requires the collective efforts of our entire community. I encourage each of you to actively participate in township meetings, volunteer on boards or committees, join the local fire department or rescue squad, engage in discussions about our budget, and provide valuable insights into our Capital Improvement Plan. Together we can build a stronger, more resilient community that reflects the aspirations of every resident.

Public involvement is not just a civic duty; it is the cornerstone of a thriving democracy. Your voices matter, and your input will guide us as we navigate the complexities of budgeting, financial planning, infrastructure development, and affordable housing.

Thank you, now let’s get to work.

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